Wow! My Dad's A Consultant: Sampler Version (Terebinth Kids Early Learners Series Book 11) (English Edition)

Wow! My Dad's A Consultant: Sa...

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This is an abridged version of the original version<br /><br />“Wow! My Dad’s a Consultant” was written for consultants (and for road warrior businesspeople) and their children. Ella eagerly waits for her Dad to return from his business trip and tell her about his week. She has missed Dad during the week and wonders why he has to travel so much. As he tucks her in that night, Dad tells her stories about how he helps his clients solve business problems. <br /> <br />Smart and curious Ella embarks on an armchair trip around the world, as she quizzes her Dad about the fun things he does, and the fun places he visits. That evening, she learns cool business concepts and develops an appreciation for why Daddy has to travel so much. She learns to solve everyday problems using fun new ways, and also learns about the importance of influence and empathy. As she drifts away to sleep, she dreams of cows and dogs that live in “matrixes”, “frameworks” with five-force superheroes and “800 pound gorillas” rampaging through boardrooms.<br /> <br />A must-read for an aspiring little consultant! And as a bonus, most illustrations have “Easter egg” insider jokes that every consultant and road warrior can relate with.







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